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    Things Stage managers shouldn’t have to do


    -Read Minds


    -Be your therapist

    -Solve your non-production and personal problems

    But we do it anyway.

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    When backstage tours walk by …



  3. What do you call a group of Stage Managers?


    A “Solution”.

    A Solution of Stage Managers.

    This is now fact.

    So it is written, so it shall be.

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  4. When an actor complains to me about how tired she is



    I was here two hours before you and I’ll be here at least an hour after you.

  5. littlekiwi37:


    I have always been one of those nerdy people who gets overly excited about school supplies. When I discovered these highlighters, I was completely beside myself. My poor roommates had to tolerate my ramblings about how cool they were and demonstrations of how they worked even better than the liquid markers I used to be overly attached to.

    I am obsessed with these highlighters for a few reasons. Most notably, they do not contain any plastic. They are also free of harmful chemicals and dyes. They smell slightly of wood instead of that horrible chemical highlighter smell. They are made of wood that will easily biodegrade, and they will last quite a while because they cannot dry out. On a practical level, they are great because they travel well, don’t bleed through pages, and are easy to use both to underline or completely color a line. While they do not erase completely if you make a mistake, you can significantly lighten the marking and make it less noticeable. They are also priced well for their durability and the amount of highlighting you can accomplish with each pencil.

    For more information or see the other cool colors these highlighters come in, visit Stubby Pencil Studios.


    I WANT!!!

    :: GRABBY HANDS ::

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    Dealing with audience stragglers after the last performance of the week and you want to start your day off …



    :: HIGH FIVE ::

    You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

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    Stage managers are responsible and adaptable communicators who have the ability to handle and coordinate diverse groups of artistic personalities with tactful discipline and a sense of humor. They establish a creative environment by combining the ability to prioritize and anticipate and solve problems, with calm sensitivity and grace under pressure.

    Their ability to do the above stems from organizational ability, acquired technical knowledge (sound, music, lights, design and construction, typing, use of computers, and so on), familiarity with union requirements, and an inspirational personality that creates positive energy.

    — Thomas A. Kelly, The Back Stage Guide to Stage Management (via amimyresume)
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    Just 7 months until auditions!

    Just 7 months until auditions!

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    The line between nice SM and mean SM can be crossed in an instant


    eccentric-disney:  disneygoddess:  kisskicker:  This is how I feel when I take off my skinny jeans.  ditto.  this is how it feels when i take off my bra  So much.


    The line between calm, caring SM and cold hateful biotch is fine and fragile.

    Tread lightly during tech week.

  10. What you wish you could do for those absurdly long live curtain speeches …


    Can we start the show yet, please?

    Oh lord yes!!

    Or ones that ramble.

    Or ones that are just THERE.

    Do the announce, start on time, get the plums and get the fuck off the stage.