1. The farcical play The Coarse Acting Show is now at Theatre in the Park.

    Now this reviewer gets it…

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  2. Pretty simple method, eh?

  3. Separation anxiety when I lend an actor my pencil and they start to walk away


    give it to me

    But it’s a really nice pencil!

    I have actor pencils and MY pencils.

  4. I try to take at least one picture a night during rehearsals and performances when I stage manage.

    Here are some from the first three performances of The Coarse Acting Show at Theatre In The Park in Raleigh NC. The show opened on July 11th, 2014 and will run for two more weekends.

  5. Here’s a few shots from The Coarse Acting Show's tech week.

    This has been one of those shows: 4 acts, 3 actors replaced the week before tech, fight calls.

    The cast (after the 3 were replaced) has been amazing and all three performances on opening weekend were filled with lots of quality laughers.

  6. Pictures from this week’s rehearsals of The Coarse Acting Show / TIP / June 2014

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  7. Pictures from this week’s rehearsals of The Coarse Acting Show / TIP / June 2014

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  8. The thought process of a Stage Manager when something needs to be solved …


    And yet we always solve the problem :-)

    Damn right we do.

  9. Shots from week 2 of rehearsals for The Coarse Acting Show, Theatre In The Park. Raleigh NC, June 2014

  10. Bad news to a Stage Manager …


    Nothing compares to what we imagine could happen.